Greetings Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka | Federal Ministry for Education and Research

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Greetings Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka | Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Dance is more than just the physical expression of music. Dance is a creative, non verbal method of understanding that knows no language barriers and is therefore a universally understandable form of communication. It is perhaps for this reason that the Dance Education Biennial is becoming increasingly recognised internationally. I am very pleased that once more, dancers from all over the world are taking part in this year’s national competition. This week, they and their trainers as well as the leaders of the workshops will be a part of a boundary breaking event.

The Dance Education Biennial has given rise to a forum in which teachers and students from the field of dance can meet, exchange and establish contacts. The goal is to offer young talents the opportunity to present themselves on stages, in concert halls, in art galleries and in exchanges with their peers and experienced practitioners under professional conditions.

At the centre of this year’s Dance Biennial is the theme “Dancing in the Street. What Moves Dance?” The reciprocal relationship between dance and social and political themes is being pulled into focus, while possibilities for new openings are being searched for simultaneously. What can dance set in motion in society? Which action spaces are open to dance and which ones must dance open itself to? What moves actors in the dance scene? The Dance Education Biennial offers a forum where all of these questions can be discussed.

I wish all of the participants of the national competition of the 6th Dance Education Biennial many new insights, interesting discussions and fresh stimuli for an innovative education. My heartfelt thanks go to all persons involved for their great commitment. And, to all the guests of the public performances, I wish you joy and enriching experiences.

Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka
Federal Minister for Education and Research

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