Workshop for BA-Students – Becoming a Dancer with Bertha Bermudez & Vincent Colomes

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Workshop for BA-Students – Becoming a Dancer with Bertha Bermudez & Vincent Colomes

Expectations, Doubts, Answers and Wishes

Wednesday 28.2. – Sunday, 4.3. (except Friday 2.3.) I 13h30-17h30 I Uferstudios, Studio 6

Nowadays dancers are required to know many different dance styles, be able to sing and speak on stage, perform not only in the theatre but in various environments, know martial arts, move like acrobats and much more. All these requests are extremely enriching and can create a multifarious spirit in dancers. However, they can also confuse, frustrate and remain superficial so that young dancers in particular might feel like they know a bit of everything but nothing in depth. It is in these situations that each individual needs to ask: Which kind of community, society and world do I want to work and live in? What is the role of art within it? Can dance be an engine for positive change in our societies and how?

In this workshop we will muse on these questions while engaging in physical proposals, and work and reflect together to find answers.

What does it mean to become a dancer?
Where do you want to dance?
What inspires your dancing?
Why do you want to dance?
How are you learning and what are you learning in order to become a dancer?

Drawing from their own experiences as dancers in a variety of dance contexts – including Rudra Béjart Lausanne, Frankfurt Ballet (William Forsythe), Compañía Nacional de Danza (Nacho Duato), Emio Greco | PC dance company, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Ballet Gulbenkian, Ramon Oller, freelancing in smaller projects and teaching and doing research – Bertha Bermúdez and Vincent Colomes will invite the participants to reflect on these questions while exposing them to different choreographic practices, working environments, a dancer’s agency and the questions one should ask oneself when wishing to become a dancer.

Bertha Bermúdez is a former dancer in some of Europe’s leading dance companies, Frankfurt Ballet, Compañia Nacional de Danza in Spain, Rui Horta, Paul Solving Norton and  Emio Greco | PC dance company.Having turned towards research in dance documentation and notation in 2005, Bermúdez has co-directed and coordinated the interdisciplinary research projects (Capturing) Intention and Inside Movement Knowledge and Pre-choreographic elements. Bermudez has initiated since 2014 her PhD at the Humanities department of the Amsterdam University. Since 2009 Bermudez develops her artistic path collaborating with other artists creating documentaries, dance films, interactive installations and publications.

Vincent Colomes was born in Paris, France. In 1995 he graduated in classical dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. Up until 2013, he danced in different companies such as Ballet Victor Ullate, Ballet National de Marseille Roland Petit, Introdans, Ballet Gulbenkian, Metros Ramon Oller and Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten (EGPC/ICK Amsterdam). Since 2013, he has been studying and practicing Flamenco Dance. He is a teacher for improvisation workshops and classes, Double Skin Double Mind (DSDM) workshops, classical dance and he also participates in collaborative projects.

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