Workshop for BA-Students: “State Choreographer” with Dana Yahalomi (Public Movement)

Foto: Yanai Yechiel

Workshop for BA-Students: “State Choreographer” with Dana Yahalomi (Public Movement)

Wednesday 28.2. – Sunday, 4.3. (except Friday 2.3.) I 13h30-17h30 I Uferstudios, Studio 8

Politics exists within our bodies, we can recognise an embodiment of citizenship or a choreography of sovereignty when seeing a demonstration or a policeman arresting someone. Public Movement, the research and action group from Tel Aviv, studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social order and overt and covert rituals. During the workshop we will examine, train and perform movements of state power demonstrated by military, police and rescue units. We will also experience excursive elements in the dance of citizens taken from protests, civil disobedience, outbursts of joy and celebration. The four day workshop is based on both theoretical practice and its physical implications outside the studio, it will include one day of training with the police and one day of group experiments in public space. We will study examples and discuss essential terms such as public space, performance of politics, pre-enactment and choreographic memory.

Public Movement is a performative research body which investigates and stages political actions in public spaces. The group has been active in Europe, USA, Israel, Asia and Australia. They have recently performed at the European Capital of Culture, Aarhus; Gothenburg Biennial; Guggenheim Museum, New York; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Impulse Festival, Dusseldorf; ACCA Melbourne; the Asian Art Biennial, Taipei; Berlin Biennial; Performa, New York, Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz; HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin and more. Public Movement was founded in 2006 by Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi. Yahalomi later became the sole director in 2011.

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