ByMichaela Weinhauser


corporeality + economics

with Eisa Jocson

What ‘Ideals and Role Models’ are accessible for you to learn and program into your body? Where can you go with this body? Where can you not go?

The workshop will expand on Eisa Jocson’s choreographic practice based on the term Corponomy: corporeality + economics, bodies shaped by economic conditions. She will go through the physical principles of Macho Dancer, training to perform the illusion of mass, volume, tonicity in the body as well as viscosity in time and space. This will be in contrast with the study of the physicality, voice and performance of happiness of Snow White, the archetypal Disney Princess.Embodiment is further pushed to the non-human by using princess vocality to go into stereotypy; a persistent repetitive behavior of animals confined in small spaces Manila Zoo. The workshop is a practice of reflection through a process of embodied dissonance; between the stored movement languages in one’s own body and its encounter with the movement languages in this workshop. 

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