MA Workshop: The Meeting Point


MA Workshop: The Meeting Point

by Ami Shulman

for Master students
in English

The quest to harness individual potential, to transcend that which we would otherwise not be capable of achieving alone, lies at the heart of leadership, pedagogy and creativity alike. Through such strivings, we can hope to live our best lives, do our best work and make meaningful contributions to the fabric of society. It is in the ‘authorship’ of these strivings that our dialogue begins. Inspired by the Feldenkrais Method, this mentorship program makes use of the symbiotic relationship between ‘ideals’ and ‘role models’, whereby the inspiration to be the best version of ourselves is further enhanced by a cultivated sense of awareness, a refined capacity to make distinctions and the confidence to make self-directed choices over our thinking and our actions. Through discussion, observation and embodied practices, we will discover how the sense of agency helps reclaim ‘authorship’ and shift the status quo in any domain.

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