Ming-Yuan Tsai

ByMichaela Weinhauser

Ming-Yuan Tsai

Freelance dancer Ming-Yuan Tsai is currently an adjunct assistant professor at the National Taipei University of the Arts and a modern dance teacher at Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. He graduated from the Dance Department of the National Academy of Arts. In 1999, he joined Cloud Gate Dance Theater 2 as a founding member. In the same year, he served there as a rehearsal assistant. In 2001, he became a member of Cloud Gate Dance Theater, and served as Rehearsal Assistant in 2007 and then as Rehearsal Director in 2015. 2019 Cloud Gate Theater × Tao Dance Theater provides rehearsal guidance for Tao Ye’s work 12. In Tsai’s 21-year career from 1999 to 2020, he has performed more than 1,300 performances worldwide. 

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