Dance On. Making Time Matter

Moderation: Anna Beke, David Russo and students of the Ballet Academy, HMTM with Gesine Moog, William Moore , Julie Shanahan (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch), Ami Shulman (Lecturer) and Friedemann Vogel (Stuttgarter Ballett)

In our society, aging is often negatively evaluated, especially in the context of physical performance. However, this life phase can endow dancers with a magical charisma they may not have achieved in their youth. Many choreographers find this artistic potential inspiring, challenging traditional expectations of technical perfection and the glorification of youth. Exemplary contributions from companies like NDT 3 and Dance on Company, as well as numerous solo artists, prompt us all to reflect on the transience and swift evanescence of the dancing moment. The experience brought by the dancers to the stage carries a weight that manifests in their presence, as once best expressed by Jiří Kylián: „The weight of experience makes the weight they make on the stage.“

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