Suddenly the body, to space and back  

ByMichaela Weinhauser

Suddenly the body, to space and back  

with Simone Sandroni

The body as a point of reference, as a focal point from which to start. An instinctive body, free from aesthetic canons, and focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of actions. Through simple games and tasks, dancers will be guided to tune into space, with other dancers, to listen to internal sensations, and create an open and tension-free internal space, enhancing the listening and perception of what surrounds us. The second part will be dedicated to repeating some tasks and simple choreographic movements to create instinctive movements that become familiar and a language of the whole group. Always in relation to the external space, the internal one, others, and time, we will primarily focus on experimenting with physical actions that can become choreographies, without starting from canonical movements or belonging to any repertoire, style, or technique, but movements born as a result of a physical action, sometimes instinctive, sometimes urgent, or still measured. The ambition is to bring bodies, with their peculiarities and differences, to the forefront, at the center of action, space, and narration without covering them with recognizable movements or aesthetics.

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