Trust and share 

ByMichaela Weinhauser

Trust and share 

with Julie Shanahan

My workshop aims at searching for the unique qualities of each individual student. In a professional career that is still ongoing and spans over 4 decades, I have always worked as a creative collaborator with each choreographer and director. This has enabled me to research and contemplate the importance of not only being an accomplished performer that can follow the ideas of a creator, but, one that can contribute and enhance the possibilities of a creative process. I will use methods of my own and those of the brilliant directors I have had the privilege to collaborate with. We will research and create together along a journey paved by trust and amazement. I will take time for each student and encourage the students to listen to and watch each other. We will discover a lot together and share generously. These are my intentions, to make a connection with the students, to discover our performative possibilities and by doing so make a connection with an audience.

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