The freedom of the body

ByMichaela Weinhauser

The freedom of the body

with Germaine Acogny-Vogt

Germaine Acogny’s dance technique blends traditional West African dances with Western contemporary elements, fostering bodily freedom. Inspired by nature and daily African life, movements, such as “the baobab tree” or “the deer”, are named, emphasizing a connection to breath and grounding. Classes involve a dynamic warm-up, exploration of technique movements (standing and floor barre) and combining movements into dance sequences. Acogny encourages western dancers to embrace African dance’s richness and power as a unique source of inspiration. The importance of musical collaboration is highlighted, emphasizing intuitive movement and the musician’s role in guiding dancers. Extended courses include improvisational sessions, allowing participants to integrate learned elements with their individual dance styles. Acogny’s technique provides a fresh perspective on bodily language, deeply rooted in Africa yet universally resonant.

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