Quiz: Part 2

Friday, 02-23 20:00

Quiz: Part 2

Installation: Nexus / Fresh Made Jam – Impro Session

How well do you know your idols?
by and with: Bach2-students of the Ballet Academy, HMTM

choreographic-acoustic-visual installation
by and with Munich performers of the initiative TanzQuelle
Creators: Sophie Charlotte Becker, Matteo Carvone, Emmanuelle Rizzo
Composer: Jan Faszbender
Lightdesign: Rainer Ludwig  
Mentor: David Russo

The Latin word Nexus, meaning ‚ÄěBinding Together‚Äú, is a physical and choreographic reflection on the connection between space and the audience. Shadow and light, space and sound revolve and move around each other, almost in a ritualistic way, creating connections and overlapping meaning. NEXUS is inviting the audience to a state of transition and transformation. 

Improvisation Sesson:
Fresh Made Jam by Bach2-students of the Ballet Academy, HMTM, with guests from the Munich Independent Dance-Scene / Sophia Charlotte Becker, Matteo Carvone, Emmanuelle Rizzo

The event titled Fresh Made Jam invites participants of the symposium to take part in an improvised happening. Munich-based performers Sophie Charlotte Becker, Matteo Carvone, and Emmanuelle Rizzo of the TanzQuelle Initiative will present the results of their research on improvisational tools for an interactive performance, exploring the original source of the desire to move. The performance incorporates participatory elements to actively engage the audience and guests in a celebration of movement and diversity.

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